Are you considering installing solar panels for your home or business? Solar panels can be a great investment that not only saves you money and increases the value of your property, but also helps the environment while it’s helping your wallet and bank account.

Solar power is fast becoming price competitive with conventional energy sources, and there are great rebates and incentives in place to compensate you for the power you produce and help offset your initial investment cost.

As the solar industry has grown and matured over the last decade, the cost to put solar panels on your home have decreased significantly, dropping over 40% in just the last few years. There’s never been a better time to make the move to solar for renewable clean energy for your home or business.

Solar P.V is currently leading the way in the UK with the general government feed in tariff of 43.3pence per kwh* & the export tariff of 3pence per kwh an hour making a massive 46.3pence per kwh of energy generated, you can use all of this energy in your own home & still get paid for producing it hence decreasing your annual electric bill.

A typical 2.82 kw system, south facing will net you ?37,506 over 25 years! (* based on 2011 figures)