We employee trades for a trade man?s job. So an electrician will not compromise your roofs integrity through inexperience and a roofer will not be running and connecting cables without the supervision of a qualified electrician.

We have a vast amount of experience in running and hiding internal cables within property?s through our sister company ?Cotswold Lighting Company? which has been servicing the Cotswolds with electrical needs since 2006.

Your guarantee?s with the equipment used is also with the company. We recognise that you could be making a large investment so we would like to think we will still be trading when the manufacturers guarantee runs out. This is why ?Cotswold Renewables? is attached to ?Cotswold Lighting Company? to give our customers a bit more security on your investment & a commitment to our future working relationships. We have not entered into this as a 3 year ?gold rush? venture we will not be shutting up shop leaving our customers with no technical support in the future years.

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We also recognise we may not be the ?cheapest? estimation you receive, we are not trying to corner the market this way, by selling cheap equipment or making the engineers rush through a job to meet a profit deadline, possibly leaving their customers with an installation they may not be happy with.

We will do whatever we can to comply with our customers wishes from taking our shoes off to patting the dog! After completion we will leave the installation & work area tidy & will explain in its entirety how your new system works & answering any outstanding queries you may have leaving you 100% satisfied with ?Cotswold Renewables? service.

We are fully insured for all works & qualified to all the relevant standards, please see our qualification page.

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